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Welcome to Our Green Directory! We are dedicated to contributing to a greener world by providing residents of the Greater Toronto area and online customers with information about green product offerings and environmental organizations in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Every Canadian can improve their impact on the planet by reducing waste, recycling and using environmentally responsible products. Our environmental directory makes it easy to do your part. In the green directory, you will find a green business listing with eco friendly products, organic health foods and more. Click on the categories to find a listing of businesses offering natural health foods and other organic products for home or business use. In addition to eco friendly products, you will find services for green marketing and environmental consulting services to assist businesses and individuals in reducing their carbon footprints.

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We offer memberships for green businesses interested in showcasing their products and services in our environmental directory. You can submit your information for a free one line listing containing your phone number and email, or choose from one of several paid membership options that are available.

Take some time to explore eco news and links. If this is your first visit, please remember to bookmark our website and visit us often. We are adding new products, services and news all the time.

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If you are visiting this site for the first time, please make sure you bookmark us and come back often, as we plan to add new products, services and publish news about new initiatives on a regular and ongoing basis.

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We don’t have to remind you how important it is that every individual, household and business in Canada should be doing everything in their power to reduce, recycle and make use of green products and services.

The environment is in real danger, and today, making a greener world should be one of our very highest priorities.

You can do your part by getting ‘green smart’ and supporting the products and services promoted here.

Welcome to our site and welcome to a greener tomorrow.