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The AmRHEX Ammonia Removal System Will Help Achieve
The Highest Levels Of Performance For The Lowest Cost.

For municipalities with digester liquor containing high concentrations of ammonia the AmRHEX Ammonia removal system offers great costs benefits for high strength ammonia removal in a more compact, energy efficient, carbon negative, expandable package.

Means Lower Capital Costs

AmRHEX is designed to provide high capacity ammonia extraction capabilities in a more compact size.

The compact and flexible design of AmRHEX allows it to be easily and cost effectively integrated to treat digester liquor flows in existing or new waste water treatment plants.

AmRHEX Means Lower Electrical Power Costs & Sustainable Ammonia Reuse Thanks To Its Innovative Spiraflow Media

SpiraFlow media is a low cost structured packing with less head loss, which means lower operating energy requirements and ongoing cost savings.

Means Lower Disposal Costs Via 3XR’s Residuals Management Program

Residual management by 3XR is a unique program and another significant area of cost savings with the AmRHEX system.

Our Residuals Management program will both manage the residuals and share the profits with municipalities, to further help offset the cost of ammonia removal.

AmRHEX Offers Carbon Negative Benefits To Help Your Digester Run ‘Greener’.

AmRHEX results in mitigation of 10 ton carbon dioxide per ton of ammonia recycled.

Ammonia removed by AmRHEX does not release nitrous oxide (N2O)  a greenhouse gas which is generally released during denitrification and is 250 - 300 times more  environmentally harmful than carbon dioxide.


AmRHEX from 3XR Technologies
The Highest Ammonia Removal Capability At The Lowest Possible Cost.