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Save Green At The Pumps • Be Green On The Road

The Fuel/Aid is a system for gas or diesel cars and light trucks that saves fuel, increases performance, reduces emissions and extends engine life.The patent pending FuelAid uses modified ortho-hydrogen technology which automatically energizes the fuel for explosively increased combustion efficiency. In an era of rising fuel costs and global warming, the Vortex Fuel Saver is the environmental solution to the high cost of fuel. Realize 10-30+% increase in fuel mileage and up to 99% reduction in harmful emissions!

Fuel/Aid Benefits

Big Savings: The biggest reason for people to purchase a FuelAid system is to save money. The percentage increase in can vary; however, a typical savings is in the 10-30+% range.

Environmentally Friendly:
Reduces Emissions: Hydrocarbons and Carbon Monoxide are generally reduced by 50-99%, after the stabilization period of 3-4 tanks of fuel. The FuelAid system can dramatically assist in passing provincial emission tests and will result in healthier air and less smog for your community.

Increased Horsepower:
The extra energy created by more complete combustion results in increased horsepower, typically ranging from 5-15%. You get high octane performance with low octane fuel. Vehicles that use premium fuel can now safely use regular, while enjoying the fuel savings as well as the increase in horsepower. Diesel engines will experience less congealing of fuel in cold weather.

Cleaner Engine:
Accumulated carbon and varnish buildup in your engine is removed by the FuelAid system which is why we strongly recommend a new air filter and an oil change after three tanks of gas (the Stabilization Period). The system will dissolve the corrosion and scale build-up in the head, cylinder cooling jackets, radiator and heater. Your oil will last longer so you can go longer between oil changes after the stabilization period. The system will prevent scale build up and corrosion in your engine. Your engine will also last longer with fewer repairs.

 Fuel/Aid is a division of Granfel Power.