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Global Emission Systems Inc

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Global Emission Systems is a Canadian company specializing in the development, design, and manufacturing of emissions control technology for Government and Industry. At the heart of the company is innovative research, testing, and analysis of various harmful pollutants that plague our planet. With the adoption of Gesi products, any organization can be assured of the very best technology available today.

GESi® is the owner of an advanced Emission Reduction System called Dry Selective CatalystTM (DSC)TM technology that has distinct advantages over other systems currently deployed to reduce emissions from the combustion of various fuels. The DSCTM technology effectively reduces up to 100% of the Carbon Monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbon (HC), and Nitrous Oxides (NOx) from fossil fuel combustion engines. Unlike other technologies, GESi® technology is recyclable and does not create additional toxic emissions to the environment.

Successful entrepreneurs may build great companies but very few achieve greatness developing a technology that will forever benefit mankind. GESi® presents an opportunity for our children and future generations to breathe less pollutants by reducing emissions of fossil fuel burning engines.


“To focus on the wide distribution of the GESi® DSCTM technology worldwide for the benefit of our children and healthy clean air for the planet and all of its inhabitants.”

GESi®’s mission is to bring its technology to the worldwide market with mission elimination solutions designed for several targeted industries. These are large engine displacement installations, designed for power generating stations and similar heavy industry applications where fossils fuels are used. Smaller production run solutions, designed for the government and automotive industry (diesel and gas emissions) may be licensed or produced on a “fleet” or “large order” basis.