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Granfel Power

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Great energy savings without capital outlay.


What We Do

We are an Energy Management Firm that prevents problems before they occur by objectively and unobtrusively managing your organization’s power strategies through a comprehensive, predictive, and preventative management program paid for solely by the savings we create.

In other words: money currently being paid to the electric company is invested in your facility to improve operations, reliability and reduce operating costs.

How You Benefit

Lower electric bills.
Lower maintenance costs and reduced equipment downtime.
Improved electrical equipment operation, reliability, and longevity.
Improved electric power usage and efficiency throughout your entire operation.

How We Work

We take a full systems approach to energy savings.
We custom design each system to match the needs of each individual facility.
We implement patented power treatment technologies.
We utilize the equipment you already have.

Attainable Results

We can help your facility gain significant power quality improvements,
which will, in turn, result in dramatic energy savings.