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About Submitting Information:

This is a section designed for people who are comfortable with submitting information on line. If you're not so comfortable with it, you can always use the fields below as a guide and submit your information in a Microsoft Word file or in the body of an email. Submit information to:jim.murray(at)

NOTE: If you are only submitting information for our free Line Listing, you do not need to complete the Full Description or Company Logo fields in this form.

For free Line Listing submissions, fill in all information fields up to and including The Company Description field, (which is limited to 255 characters including spaces).

Your free line listing will only include your phone number, web site link and email address. More complete company and contact information, including links to your site, blogs social media sites, images and logo display are available by obtaining a member page. To do this, contact Jim Murray at 416 463-3474, or email jim.murray(at) to discuss the posting options available.

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