Advertising On Our Green Directory

Premium Listings
($249 per year)

Your Green Directory allows your listing to go to the front of the line, in our special "Green Zone" for one low price your listing will appear at the top of every category in whic your business is listed.



Green Spotlight Placement  
($149.00 per month)

Be one of the rotating businesses in our Green Spotlight. This placement is available on a monthly basis, and provides a link directly from all main site pages on the site to your Member Page.

Banner Ads 

These rotating ads appear under the masthead on every page of the site. They can be programmed with links to your Placement Page, your company web site, or wherever you want the visitor to go. 90 x 300 pixels

Sponsorship Packages

For those companies who wish to optimize their presence and demonstrate a high level of commitment to a greener world, we also offer complete sponsorship packages.

The Sponsorship Package includes:

  • Placement of your logo on our site landing page
  • Placement of your linked logo on every main site page
  • Green Zone feature placement
  • One smaller top banner ad per month, changeable up to 4 times per year
  • Inclusion of your logo in all sponsorship and press release material
  • Member page and content creation
  • Optimization for your member page
  • Video placement on your member page
  • Coupon placement on your member page

To discuss your requirements, place orders and have any questions answered call 416 463-3475 anytime during regular business hours.

Optional Search Engine Optimization Services

Is your web site optimized to bring you the qualified traffic of potential customers who are looking for your products or services? Once they arrive, is your web site designed to turn those potential customers into buyers? If not you need to talk to our Search Engine Marketing Specialist about our cost effective plans for attracting not just search engine visitors, but properly qualified traffic: people or companies looking to buy your products or services. With an OGD optimization program, you could:

  1. Start off with implementing an optimized web page on our site that will direct all leads to your company’s web site.
  2. Include call tracking and monitor your leads all the way to the related calls you receive for true ROI management.
  3. Have your landing pages and your Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click or link management campaigns evaluated and fixed to provide maximum value.

In the difficult economic market in which we find ourselves these days, it will be those companies that invest in the future and continue to market to their customers who will come out the other end strong and profitable.

To discuss these and other Optimization Marketing Tools contact Terry Lewis at 416-229-9607 or email @ terry.lewis(at)